Fully Baked Premium Coffee Cakes (Food Service)

Premium Quality Coffee Cakes made in the old fashioned tradition using only
high-quality ingredients (like real sour cream) for decadently moist coffee cakes that
are truly the best around! All you do is remove from the freezer and sell or serve.Our 10” 48 oz. coffee cakes are perfect for operations looking for a premium ”home-
made” product of superior quality. Customers will love the creamy and delicious cakes
while you’ll enjoy the ease of thaw and serve. 48 oz. cakes are packed 2 to a case.
48 oz. pre-sliced coffee cakes are mechanically sliced into 16 precise portions with
paper separators.
10” 48 oz. Coffee Cakes
Item # Product Name Description
4101202 Original
Cinnamon Walnut
Our original creamy coffee cake with an en-
ticing layer of cinnamon sugar and walnuts,
baked to golden brown and finished with
more cinnamon sugar and walnuts.
4102202 Applicious Walnut Sweet bits of apples are baked into our sour
cream coffee cake, coupled with a layer
of cinnamon sugar and walnuts and then
topped with more cinnamon sugar.
4103202 Blueberry Blizzard Our sour cream coffee cake loaded with
plump blueberries, topped with delicious
butter streusel and drizzled with white icing.
4106202 Lemon Poppy Seed Crisp and delicious lemon in a cake loaded
with poppy seeds and topped with a drizzle
of white icing.
4115202 Marble Madness A delicious combo of our vanilla-based coffee cake swirled with rich chocolate cake
and chocolate chips, baked to perfection
and topped with even more chocolate chips.
4107202 Chocolate Explosion Rich, moist cake made with Dutch cocoa,
chocolate syrup and chocolate chips! The
cake is enrobed with rich chocolate and
drizzled with white fondant.
4109202 Golden Pumpkin A delightful combination of pure pumpkin
and a perfect spice blend for a decadently
moist coffee cake topped with cinnamon
10″ 48 oz. PRE-SLICED Coffee Cakes
Item # Product Name
4101001 PRE-SLICED
Original Cinnamon
4102001 PRE-SLICED
Applicious Walnut
4103001 PRE-SLICED
Blueberry Blizzard
4106001 PRE-SLICED
Lemon Poppy Seed
4115001 PRE-SLICED Marble
48 oz. Cake Case Pack: two (2) cakes per case; weight 7 lbs.; dimensions 10.5″x10.5″x8.5″;
cube .54; TiHi 16/7.48 oz. Pre-Sliced Cake Case Pack: two (2) cakes per case; weight 7 lbs.; dimensions
11.5″x11.5″x7.88″; cube .60; TiHi 12/7.