Fully Baked Pound Cakes

Premium Pound Cakes Baked to Perfection! Our pound cakes are made in the old fashioned tradition using only
pure, high-quality ingredients for delicious and moist pound cakes with the traditional tight grain customers expect. High qual-
ity standards mean consistent pound cakes batch after batch. Our pound cakes are Trans Fat Free as well.

Our 16 oz. pound cakes come ready to sell in tamper-resistant crystal clear clamshells, secured with colorful labels
featuring the Boston Coffee Cake brand, UPC, a nutrition panel and ingredient statement.

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A rich and buttery pound cake with the traditional tight grain expected from old-fashioned pound cakes.

Perfect alone or as a start to many snack and dessert items!


We take our rich chocolate cake and swirl it into our creamy butter pound cake for a delicious take on the traditional.

A favorite of both pound cake fans and chocolate lovers!


Delicious, creamy pound cake for those on sugar-restricted diets.

All the great taste and pleasing texture without all the sugar.

Case pack: 12 16 oz. cakes per case; weight 14 lbs.; box dimensions 18”x 10.5”x10”; cube 1.09; TiHi 10/6.